Three Essential Reasons to See a Dental Surgeon

Healthy teeth are essential for a confident smile. They ensure that your presence is noticed at every gathering. So, whether you are going on a date or have an important job interview, if you have a confident smile, everything can get better for you.

Of course, it is important for everyone to visit their dentist at least twice a year. They can not only help you with keeping your teeth clean but also ensure that any underlying problems are detected timely. Early diagnosis can help you in preventing pain and suffering in the longer run.

In most cases, dentists recommend their patients keep up with regular tooth brushing and flossing. However, it’s not the same case for everyone. In some cases, the patient may need dental surgery to ensure that their best interests are met.

In case you are not sure about visiting the dentist, here are five reasons you may want to see a dental surgeon. 

  1. Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Human jaws do not have the space for all the teeth nature gifts. The wisdom tooth is polar that tries to erupt in a jaw with no space. That is one of the reasons why wisdom teeth often need to be pulled out. Wisdom tooth extraction is one of the most common kinds of oral surgery. 

If the wisdom tooth is not extracted timely, it can have many negative side effects. The patient’s jaw can become misaligned leading to the need for Full Arch Rehabilitation, their bite force can be affected, and there is a higher risk of periodontal diseases.

Therefore, it is best to see a dental surgeon to ensure that your wisdom tooth is extracted carefully and painlessly. A seasoned surgeon can also guide you about the post-surgical care and after-effects of a wisdom tooth extraction.

  1. Impacted Teeth

Everyone’s oral system is not perfect. Everyone does not have perfectly aligned teeth. There are many factors that can contribute to misaligned teeth. You may think that misaligned teeth may be the biggest problem in the dental care realm. However, that is not true.

Impacted teeth are the teeth that are unable to erupt because of other teeth blocking their way. In some cases, they may not cause pain. However, in other cases, they can be extremely painful and discomforting. That is when you need the help of a dental surgeon.

Some impacted teeth can also make it difficult for you to maintain oral hygiene and hence need to be removed. This procedure is not as common as dental implants. The dentists need to cut through the bone to remove the impacted teeth in pieces. 

  1. Oral Cancer and Tumors

The cases of oral cancer are not unknown to the world. If your dentists suspect a serious infection or tumor, an oral surgeon can save your life by surgically removing the root cause of the problem. You can feel safe in their hands and be sure that they can help you with risk reduction.

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