The Benefits of Regular HBsAg Testing and Its Cost Implications

The quantification of HBsAg (Serum Hepatitis B Antigen) is quite an essential test for determining if you are infected with Hepatitis B. Early diagnosis will help the doctors prevent any adverse clinical outcome and help prevent the HBV (Hepatitis B Virus) infection from spreading.

It is a blood test to determine if any specific antibodies are present within the normal functioning of your body. If such antibodies are found, you will be termed positive for HBsAg. As this virus is contagious, it might spread to others through body fluids or blood. Doctors recommend people get their blood tests done quite often within periodic intervals. HBsAg should always be among all other test parameters.

This article will give us insight into the benefits of conducting this test regularly. Apart from that, you will also get the HBsAg test cost implications.

Benefits of Periodic or Regular HBsAg Testing

Keeping aside the HBsAg test cost, good health should always be your priority. Doctors often recommend getting a full-body check-up from time to time to identify any potential disease or virus that can live within your body and cause trouble in the long run. Hepatitis B is one among them, and running regular tests is key to preventing adverse health outcomes in the long run.

To help you understand the importance of HBsAg testing, here are a few of its benefits:

  1. Reduce Morbidity and Mortality

The chance of experiencing adverse Hepatitis B symptoms later in life will be suppressed with early treatments once it gets diagnosed. In 2019, a statistic by WHO revealed that around 820,000 deaths were recorded due to Hepatitis B. It has a risk of mortality, inevitable in the last stages of the condition. Catching the virus as soon as possible and treating the condition will save your life.

The common ways HBV spreads is through sexual contact, accidental needle sticks, needle sharing or through mother to child. If you have been through any of such instances and feel uneasy, you should get yourself diagnosed with HBV.

  1. Determine if the Condition is Acute or Chronic

Hepatitis B might be acute or chronic. If the virus persists in your body and triggers symptoms for a short duration, probably under six months, then it’s called acute hepatitis B. But if it lasts over six months, it is termed chronic hepatitis B.

The human immune system can drive away the acute hepatitis B virus, but the chronic condition needs intense medical attention. Ensure that you get the condition diagnosed at the earliest to get the type of treatment needed.

There is a high chance that the acute condition will turn chronic if it goes untreated. Regular HBsAg tests will help catch the virus at its early stage to determine if it will last for less or more than six months. Accordingly, appropriate treatments will be suggested.

  1. Prevents Children from Experiencing Liver Disease While Growing Up

Younger individuals, especially newborns or children under 5, are at a higher risk of contracting chronic infection. The younger you are when you get the hepatitis B infection, the higher the chances of its complications while growing up. In most cases, the chronic infection might go undetected for decades before triggering serious illness symptoms due to liver disease.

Regular tests will be quite helpful in terms of determining the condition at a young age to ensure liver diseases are prevented.

  1. Saves from Critical Complications

When HBV goes unattended, it might result in scarring the liver, cause liver cancer or result in complete liver failure. It will not just increase the treatment costs but will impose serious life risks as well. Early diagnosis and treatment should be a priority for you to consider.

HBsAg Test Cost Implications

The average cost of HBsAg test ranges between Rs. 550 to Rs. 1500, depending on the type of test your doctor recommends. You can either seek all-inclusive tests or get specific parameters diagnosed. It is a minimal expense when your health is considered. Track periodic intervals specified by your doctor and get regular HBsAg tests done.


This is a complete understanding of the benefits of getting regular HBsAg tests and the average cost you have to spare. If you are HBsAg positive, your doctors will prescribe you medicines or suggest treatment, depending on whether you have an acute or chronic condition. If the reports are negative, take advice and precautions to prevent this virus from infecting your body.

Ignoring the diagnosis and treatment procedures might give rise to serious complications, which might threaten your life. It is better to book your test immediately and talk to your doctor about the time window before you take the next test.

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