How Old Do You Need to Be to Play Airsoft? (And Other Questions, Answered)

For those thinking about getting into competitive airsoft events or MilSim events (military simulation), there are a lot of questions floating around. For those thinking about getting into competitive airsoft events or MilSim events (military simulation), there are a lot of questions floating around. 

Especially for first-time players, and younger players, it can be daunting and confusing to get involved. 

However, it doesn’t need to be. We rounded up some of the most frequently asked questions regarding airsoft and airsoft events. Take a look at some of the answers we found.

How Old Do You Need to Be to Play Airsoft? 
There is no minimum age to play airsoft in the United States, although some states may have their own requirements for how old you need to be. In most of the country, however, there is no minimum age requirement. 

That said, the organizers of MilSim and airsoft events might prescribe their own rules for minimum age, so be aware of these before you plan to attend. 

For instance, the upcoming event, Operation Phoenix Rising (Sheboygan Falls, WI, 9/17-9/18) has a rule that all players under the age of 18 must wear full face protection. 

When in doubt, contact the organizer of the airsoft event and ask them your questions directly.

Is Airsoft Safe?
When players wear the proper protective attire, which includes full eye protection (often in the form of a full face mask) airsoft is completely safe. 

It can sting a little to get hit with an airsoft BB, especially at close range, but as long as you protect your eyes and face and wear a heavy jacket, pants, and gloves, it’s safe to play.

What Do You Need to Play Airsoft?
Exactly what you need to play airsoft will vary depending on the organizer of the MilSim or airsoft event. 

However, you can’t go wrong with the following gear. 
● A full facemask or goggles
● Protective clothing including gloves
● Sturdy footwear
● Camo/a uniform appropriate for the event
● An AEG 
● A sidearm 
● A tactical vest
● Spare magazines
● BBs and a speedloader 

These are the essentials, but they cover most of your bases. If you’re looking for a more complete listing of what you should carry for a MilSim event or other airsoft engagement, check out this helpful guide, “What You Need for MilSim” posted at

Where Can You Learn More About Airsoft Events (and MilSim)?
If you’re interested in learning more about MilSim or airsoft events, we recommend getting in touch with the organizer of the event. 

To see a list of upcoming events, click the link above for more information. 

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