Can I change my clothes in Ihram?

Everyone has the desire to perform a pilgrimage in the Holy city of Mecca. But in order to do these pilgrimages, you must adhere to certain rules and customs. Ihram is a major rite for both Hajj and Umrah. You must enter this state in order to perform pilgrimages. Your pilgrimage will be invalid before Allah if you do not enter this condition (SWT).

Ihram is an Arabic term derived from the verb Harama, which means “to be forbidden”. It’s a sacred condition that requires you to wear special clothing. Typically, it is a white dress manufactured just for males. It is available in a variety of fabrics, and the quality varies according to the weather and cost. For women, there is no particular dress, as their whole veil or Abaya is considered an Ihram.

Changing clothes during Ihram

Ihram is a mandatory rite for anyone planning to perform Hajj or Umrah after booking Cheap Umrah packages 2023. The Ihram reduces external disparities between Muslims and acts as a symbol of their togetherness. It is impossible to distinguish between the rich and the poor due to its simplicity and regularity.

Even though, changing clothes is acceptable during Ihram. But there are some restrictions on changing clothes. You can alter Ihram if it is soiled, damaged, invalid, or contaminated by perfume. However, you must change into another Ihram garment. If you are changing into different (or more colourful) clothing, this must be appropriate for pilgrims in Ihram to wear.

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While performing pilgrimage, if your Ihram gets any impurity or becomes invalid. You must have to wear another Ihram dress to continue the pilgrimage, either greater or minor. As Hajj or Umrah requires purity of a person whether it’s physical or mental.

Prohibitions of Ihram

  • Using perfume or fragrance
  • Wearing sewn/stitched clothes
  • Hunting
  • Killing insects
  • Cutting nails and hair
  • Having intercourse
  • Using makeup
  • Covering face and head

Can I wear shoes during Ihram?

Except for khufoof, there are no limitations on the wearing of sandals or shoes. But the shoes must not cover the ankles. Both men and women should try to prevent wearing shoes with laces. Slippers are the finest option because they are easier to put on and take off than other types of footwear.


To summarize, you are permitted to change your clothes during Ihram, according to the limits outlined above. It should be mentioned that one cannot wear clothes that have been stitched or sewn. You need to be aware of the fundamental guidelines for performing Umrah before you reserve your Umrah packages. If you adhere to all the fundamental guidelines, your Umrah will be a successful pilgrimage.

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