Why Do You Need App Store Optimization Services and Resources?

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of increasing app visibility and increasing app conversion rates in your app store. The leading app stores are the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android. ASO focuses on click-through rate (CTR) in addition to the top search results on the App Store.Once you find the list of app stores, you need to convince people to click. App store optimization services are of great use here. 

What are the Basics of ASO?

Many factors can affect app visibility and organic downloads (more on this later), so the work of ASO experts is diverse. Some of the best SEO services also come useful here as they are interlinked. Depending on your company’s priorities, goals, and KPIs, ASOs consist of:

  • Conducting a keyword survey to optimize metadata for the most searched keywords 
  • Optimizing creative assets such as icons, screenshots, and videos to encourage more users to download your app
  • Localization of app product pages in foreign languages ​​around the world
  • Implement a review strategy to ensure a stable flow of positive reviews 
  • Increasing app visibility with editorial content, feature articles, or “similar app” placements
  • Monitoring app store changes and competitor updates to maintain visibility

Why Should You Do ASO?

The fact is that app store optimization is part of the marketing stack of all mobile marketers, especially for the following reasons:

  1. Over 65% of app downloads are from app store searches. Therefore, if you don’t invest in ASO, you’ll miss your app’s most significant discovery channel.
  2. All users will eventually go to the App Store and download the app. Whether a user visits your app page through search ads, social media ads, or native ads, the app page plays a vital role in persuading those users to download your app. Properly optimizing your app page will result in higher conversion rates and lower CPI for your ad campaigns. 
  3. Overall, app retention is low and is declining every year. However, the 30-day retention rate for organic installations averages 25% higher than non-organic installations and decreases much slower. Instead of wasting money on user acquisition, more and more mobile marketers are turning to ASO and spending advertising to retarget and acquire higher-quality users.
  4. Today, with over 2 million apps in the app store, this is your chance to be featured in a minimal number of stores. The more you follow store best practices (strong creatives, videos, localized lists in each country, strong reviews), the more likely youwill be noticed.

What are the Ranking Factors?

To start app store optimization, you need to understand the app store algorithm. The App Store and Google Play have their algorithms, but the primary ranking signals are similar. App store optimization services will come to your aid to achieve these:

  1. Determine whether the app store ranks an app for a particular keyword. The algorithm looks at the keyword specified in the metadata. When a user-searched keyword is added to your app’s metadata, your app may be ranked by that search term.
  2. Daily app downloads are among the most vital ranking signals on the App Store and Google Play. A large number of daily downloads can help you rank higher in different conditions.
  3. The App Store and Google Play aim to provide users with a great user experience by displaying the best possible apps in search results. If the conversion rate for a particular keyword in your app is stable, this tells the store that the algorithm is happy with the app you’re viewing.
  4. The number of reviews and star-ratings are another crucial ranking factor. Therefore, it is essential to encourage users to leave reviews and ratings to increase the app’s weight on the algorithm.
  5. The store not only depends on the app’s download but also considers the app’s retention rate. If many users uninstall the app immediately after downloading it, this tells the algorithm that the user is not happy with the app.


The Google Play algorithm also checks the number of backlinks received by the app’s web page. As with best SEO services, the more backlinks you have, the higher your app’s permissions. High permissions indicate that your app is widely known and leads to higher ranks.

Author Bio: – Rudra Kumar is an Assistant General Manager of search operations at Techmagnate with more than 10+ years of experience in search engine optimisation. He has helped many businesses in growing revenue via search engines of his strengths.

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