Restaurant kitchen cleaning is the ultimate guide

Restaurant kitchen cleaning no doubt carries extreme importance for both customers and staff. Without appropriate cleaning, you can’t create a hygienic environment and definitely can’t ensure the quality of food. Limiting the spread of bacteria, ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations, and providing supreme quality food are only possible with the appropriate cleaning of the restaurant kitchen. 

We will lay out the procedures for efficiently cleaning a restaurant kitchen in this comprehensive guide.

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Gathering the required supplies is crucial before starting the cleaning procedure. Towels, sponges, brushes, cleaning agents, and gloves are all included. Make sure you select the proper cleaning agents for each surface and adhere to the label’s directions. Mind that the kitchen deals with food and food-related things directly, so the selection of cleaning products should be made carefully. They shouldn’t contain any toxic chemicals that could persist in the air in the form of fumes and can affect the quality of food. 

Purge the Area

Clear the counters and tables of all dishes, cookware, and other things. Cleaning up the area will be simpler and will stop the spread of diseases and germs. Use a cleaning cloth every time something spills on the shelf. This would prevent the buildup of substances on the shelf also it will prevent the hassle of rubbing and cleaning shelves at the end of the day. 

Mop and sweep the floors

Sweep the floors to get rid of any dirt, then use a disinfectant solution to clean them. Corners and edges should receive special care since they are frequently disregarded and might store germs. Using a strong disinfectant is important especially for kitchen floors to control the buildup of pathogens. 

Clean tables and countertops

Using a sponge or towel and cleaning solution, clean all tables and surfaces. Be mindful of any places that have accumulated grease or filth, such as the area around the stove or grill. To dissolve the grease and make cleaning simpler, use a degreaser solution. They come in a wide range, so choose the one that suits your cleaning routine the best. 

Clean appliances and equipment

To avoid grease and food debris buildup, equipment and appliances including ovens, grills, and fryers should be cleaned often. Use the proper cleaning agents and follow the manufacturer’s directions while cleaning each piece of equipment. You can have specialized services like Commercial Cleaning Services in Texas or your respective area. This will help you have the professional cleaning of your appliances and equipment without any trouble. 

Cleaning and sanitizing dishwashers

Dishware should be completely cleaned and sanitized after each use, along with other kitchen equipment and tools. Dishes can be cleaned in a commercial dishwasher or by hand using hot water and soap. Thoroughly rinse before using a commercial sanitizer solution to disinfect.

Clean and sanitize surfaces used in food preparation

Cutting boards, counters, and other surfaces used for preparing food should all be cleaned and sanitized after each usage. To sterilize surfaces, mix one tablespoon of bleach with one gallon of water.

Sanitize and tidy up storage spaces

To stop the growth of mold and bacteria, storage spaces like shelves and refrigerators should be cleaned and sanitized frequently. Take everything off the shelf and give them a cleaning solution wipe down. To sterilize surfaces, mix one tablespoon of bleach with one gallon of water.

Sanitize and maintain restrooms

To stop the transmission of bacteria and germs, restrooms should be constantly cleaned and sanitized. Using the proper cleaning agents, and disinfecting toilets, sinks, and other surfaces. Consistently replace hand towels and restock soap dispensers.

Eliminate garbage

Regularly empty trash cans and eliminate all rubbish. Put your garbage in bags that are suitable for the kind of rubbish you are getting rid of. This one is basic and you should already know that, but still, to ensure that 


To protect the health and safety of patrons as well as staff members, regular restaurant kitchen cleaning is a crucial responsibility. There is no such thing that is entirely perfect when it comes to kitchen cleaning. You have to modify and see the things that suit you best when it comes to kitchen cleaning. So far, the best way to clean the restaurant kitchen is to ensure that everything in the kitchen is considered while cleaning. These above-mentioned procedures will help you maintain a safe and clean restaurant kitchen while giving your patrons a satisfying dining experience. Or you can have services with Glow Up Clean to have professional cleaning for your restaurant kitchen. 

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