Charmhealth EHR vs Athena EHR: A Worthwhile Feature Comparison

Today we are going to pen down a detailed Charmhealth EHR vs Athena EHR feature comparison. Our point here is to discover which of these EHR platforms offers more impeccable and distinctive functionalities. To cover this, we will list down the fundamental features of Athena EHR and Charmhealth EHR. So, are you ready to learn which EHR offers more wholesome services? What are you waiting for, then? Dig in!


Charmhealth EHR

Charmhealth is a fully-integrated solution that works as an all-inclusive platform for medical practices. It covers specialty-specific features for urgent care, internal medicine, weight loss, gynecology, and many more. Its comprehensive nature helps boost the efficiency of medical practices. Above all, CharmHealth EHR comes with user-friendly pricing bundles everyone can easily afford.


Charmhealth EHR Features:

Web-based EHR:

Charhealth features a robust ambulatory care EHR known for its physician-friendly nature. It offers tons of services to drive productive clinical results and improve patient care outcomes. As per the reviews, the EHR module by Charmhealth EHR streamlines clinical workflow by cutting down manual data entry tasks. In addition, it is MU stage 3 certified and MARCA-ready. Thus it works in compliance with the regulatory bodies. Services available in this cloud-based EHR module are:


  • SOAP Templates
  • Lab Integration
  • E-prescription
  • Clinical Decision Support
  • Flowsheet
  • Referral management
  • Immunization Registry
  • Data Migration with a dedicated manager

Practice Management

It is one of the most efficient features of Charmhealth EHR. The practice management module of this healthcare solution lessens the administrative burden of clinical staff. Furthermore, it assures smooth workflow through seamless data integration with the EHR module. With this practice management module, everything is possible, from keeping a record of clinical inventory to generating patient statements. Here are the services covered under this module:


  • Document Management
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Inventory Management
  • Analytics Reports
  • Invoicing
  • Eligibility-checks
  • Electronic Claims
  • Electronic Remittance Advice
  • Patient Account Statements
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Patient Kiosks


Patient Engagement:

Getting your patients to play an active role in care management is easy peasy with this vendor. Reviews for Charmhealth illustrate that this EHR can engage patients in care within an encrypted and HIPAA-compliant patient engagement portal. Using this portal, patients experience a sense of control over their treatment. Additionally, for its affordable Charm EHR Pricing, It offers an exclusive portal packing the following specs:


  • Online Appointment Scheduling
  • Filled Pre-appointment Questionnaires
  • Personal Health Portal
  • Secure Messaging
  • Document Sharing
  • Access Medical Records
  • View Updated Lab results
  • Request Prescription Refills


Revenue Cycle Management:

The vendors deliver fine-grade clinical services at a low cost to maximize your reimbursements. Charmhealth EHR reviews show that the software offers premium claim management tools to boost profitable revenue streams. The service of Charmhealth EHR is rated as the user’s best pick as per the reviews by Gartner’s Software Advice. It allows for a value proposition and handles the benefits accrued effortlessly. These are the features covered by this module of Charmhealth EHR.


  • Denial Management
  • IT Automation
  • Claims Automation
  • Patient Billing
  • Claims Status Tracing
  • A/R Management
  • Adaptive Rules Engine
  • RCM Service Reports


Athena EHR Software:

Athena is an industry-leading EHR solution featuring exceptional in-patient and out-patient clinical services for low pricing. Medical professionals prefer this solution for its comprehensive nature as it compiles all valuable features under one roof. Reviews show that Athena EHR is dedicated to ensuring meaningful patient care with minimal disruption in the workflow.


Athena EHR Features:


Athena features an easy-to-use EHR solution that delivers the best possible patient care. It updates continuously to keep providers updated on the changes in the healthcare industry. athenaClinicals allow for faster documentation and meaningful patient encounters. In addition, it optimizes clinical efficiency with real-time insights into patient records. The features included in this module of Athena EHR are:


  • Integrated Mobile Dictated
  • Hands-free Navigation
  • Care Coordination
  • Value-based Care
  • Real-time Insights into Patient Records
  • Integrated Mobile App
  • Pre-encounter Prep


Revenue Cycle Services:

Reviews of Athena EHR show that this clinical solution features a diverse portfolio of revenue management services. It handles the revenue stream to deal effectively with all the financial challenges to boost the revenue cycle. This consolidated solution improves the financial bottom line of medical practices by helping them accomplish their set goals. Features offered by this solution of Athena EHR are:


  • Co-pay collection
  • Insurance Verification
  • Authorization Management
  • Charge and coding Entry
  • Claims Scrubbing
  • Payment Processing
  • Claims Denial Resolution
  • Insurance Credit Resolution
  • Performance Reporting


Population Health:

Get the best out of your clinical database by conducting effective tests to deliver accurate treatment to your patients. The population health features of Athena EHR let practices practice managed care by giving access to exclusive standard population data. It helps identify the patients that fall under the risk spectrum and helps coordinate the care delivery. These are the services this module offers as per the reviews of Athenahealth EMR.


  • Aggregates Data
  • Identifies Care Gaps
  • Reveal Actionable Insights
  • Supports Car COordination
  • Optimize Patient Outreach

Patient Engagement:

Athena EHR offers impeccable features to establish a solid bond between patients and physicians. It helps providers stay in touch with their patients via secured communication through the patient portal. Besides that, Athena EHR reviews reveal that it focuses on the patient-centered approach and thus helps engage patients effortlessly. Here’s how it helps with patient engagement:


  • Patient Portal
  • Secure Messaging
  • Online Payment tools
  • Multi-channel Messaging Campaigns
  • Self-scheduling
  • Outreach Campaigns
  • Annual Wellness Visits

Concluding Words:

In this heated feature comparison of Charmhealth EHR vs Athena EHR, we came to learn outstanding features of these healthcare platforms. It is evident that there are significant differences in the feature range of both EMR platforms. Where Charmhealth charms clients with its exceptional practice management functionalities, Athena EHR wins the ground for its population health services.

It’s up to you to choose an EHR platform whose feature range wisely fits your clinical structure. You can add to the details of these services by evaluating their reviews. While reading the reviews, you will learn what users experienced by utilizing the services of these two platforms. And that will add to the credibility of the features we penned down here. Besides that, you should explore the pricing structures of AthenaHealth EHR and CharmHealth EHR to see if they fit your budget range.


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