Best Photo Booth Props For Your Birthday Bash

If you’re planning a birthday party, a photo booth can add an extra layer of thrill and excitement for your guests. Photo booths are a great way to capture memories, and with the right props, you can make your photos even more memorable and fun.


The biggest struggle, however, is to choose the right types of props which are both affordable and long-lasting. In this article, we will list all our favorite photo booth props you can use on your big day without breaking your bank.

Birthday Hats

No birthday celebration is complete without a birthday hat! These classic party props come in a variety of colors and designs, so you can choose one that matches your party theme. They’re easy to wear and  sure to add a splash of color to your birthday clicks.


Want to add a festive flair to your photo booth experience? Balloons are your answer.


Balloons are another classic party prop that adds a pop of color to your photos. You can choose from helium-filled balloons, balloon garlands, or even balloon letters spelling out your name or age. The choices are endless…


Glasses are a fun and playful prop that makes the entire photo booth experience enjoyable for your guests. You can choose from a variety of styles, including novelty glasses, sunglasses, and even eyeglasses with fake lenses. They’re an easy way to make your guests feel like they’re part of the bash.

Colorful Wigs 

Funny hats, animal hats, and even wigs in bright colors will make your guests fall in love with your party. These props are perfect for guests who want to let loose and have some fun.



Let’s go crazy with your birthday decor by having some masks on your props table. There’s a huge collection available online. These include masquerade masks, superhero masks, and even animal masks. 

Birthday Signs

For a more personable experience, you can also consider adding some signs to your props collection. You can either go with pre-made signs or make your own with chalkboards or posters. Signs can include phrases like “Happy Birthday,” “Cheers to Another Year,” or even your party hashtag. They’re an easy way to make your photos more unique.

Props on Sticks

Props on sticks are another fun and affordable way to keep your guests glued to your party till the very end. Some of our favorite stick props include mustaches, lips, and emojis. You can however  play around and create something that aligns well with your party theme. 


Boas look absolutely gorgeous and glamorous as birthday props. Also, there’s a massive variety available, including feather boas and even boas with sequins. If you’re planning to celebrate your sweet 16, you can’t go wrong with this elegant and chic accessory.


There are plenty of photo booth props to choose from when planning your birthday party. From classic party hats to humorous wigs and hats, these props can add some extra fun and entertainment to your celebration. So, grab your camera and start snapping some photos!

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