5 Benefits of Choosing Silestone Quartz Counters

Silestone quartz countertops are becoming increasingly popular as countertop materials. As a conscious homeowner, you should always research well before finalizing any product for your house. So, it is natural to be a little skeptical about investing in any new material like a Silestone countertop. Find out all about the advantages of selecting this quartz brand for your beautiful kitchen.

  • Durability

Silestone is one of the most durable materials for construction and is used widely around the globe. It has 90 percent of the natural properties of quartz. So, it is not prone to structural damage like scratches and cracks. If you consider these benefits, you will realize that it will also be a cost-effective solution. That’s because when your kitchen slab remains in great condition for years, why would you replace it?

  • Low porosity

Some natural stones like marble can be extremely porous. So, they tend to absorb liquids. Silestone’s surface porosity is very low, thus ensuring your countertop is always stain-free.  

  • Antibacterial Properties

The antibacterial properties of Silestone Quartz make it perfect for use in the kitchen. The technology applied during the fabrication of Silestone is microban. It is recommended for food preparation surfaces. The advanced coating decreases the formation of bacteria on the Silestone slab’s surface. Hence, you can use them not only for your kitchen but also for your bathroom.

  • A variety of patterns and colors to choose from

Home renovation projects make use of Silestone slabs to enhance the visual appeal of the home. They are available in a plethora of modern patterns and eye-soothing shades. So, it won’t be challenging to find the perfect color that goes with the theme of your kitchen. They come in both polished finishes and matte finishes.

There is a probability of getting confused when you are selecting slabs from an extensive product catalog. So, you can visit a store in your neighborhood and check out the options before the installation.

  • N-Boost Technology

It is possible to fabricate quartz in several ways for altering its appearance. While making Silestone slabs, manufacturers prefer the N-BOOST technology. This technology beautifies the quartz surface and makes it look prettier than the natural stone. The process includes treating the fragments and changing their molecular structures. So, in the end, they appear more radiant than the original stone.

The Bottom Line

So, Silestone slabs are durable, and they also look aesthetically pleasing. No wonder luxury hotels use them for their exceptional shine and wide palette of colors. Now you find the reasons mentioned above compelling enough to invest in a Silestone countertop? In that case, you should for a reliable countertop manufacturer in your city. A reputed manufacturer will give you high-quality material at a reasonable price.

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