The Best UK Home Insurance Companies for 2022

Home Insurance companies on the Rise

Home Insurance Companies have already started closing traditional home office departments in favor of dedicated online portals. As more and more people choose to shop online for everything from entertainment to auto insurance, it’s no surprise that home insurance is following a similar path.
The creation of first-class online insurance sites is a welcome development, and consumers are voting with their feet. According to figures released in February 2018, there was a 29 percent year-on-year increase in searches for home insurance compare to the year prior. It’s worth remembering that these figures are taken from Google, so may be up by even more.

What does that mean for British homeowners?

If search volume continues to rise, people will be asking a lot more questions online than they would at the local home insurance company.
Brits are getting lazier with age. For a time the attraction of hiring someone to do jobs that were once done by human hands and a sweat equity was far too alluring. It was said that British workers would rather be a mechanic for a hire company than get a job on their own.
While many of us take advantage of the proliferation of car hire companies and their price comparison tools, driving home insurance has been a bit of a dry-run for that experience.
But the market for home insurance is not just being reshap by the Internet. Changes in the way insurers operate, and the way people behave, have been ongoing for many years.

New Technology Is Changing Home Insurance

Although search volume is rising and insurance companies are working harder to ensure they are communicating with their customers. The online experience for homeowners could still be improved. The current model does not offer enough control for your comfort or convenience. Leaving homeowners feeling let down, confused and overwhelmed.
It’s an important area for improvement. One survey found that more than half of all homeowners experience delays in getting through to an insurance company and losing out on vital information. Nearly one in five (18 percent) found it difficult to get in touch with their insurer after an issue had arisen, with 7 percent having to wait more than a month to speak to someone.
New technology is not the answer. Services like Secureify help provide you with instant access to your home insurance provider and the ability to correct errors, with data protection and ease of use always at the forefront.
Secureify’s specialist search solution is the only search platform that lets you find an insurer. Get cover for your home or to verify that it’s in good condition. And then provide that cover online or by phone, without having to go to a branch. The Secureify search solution uses advanced big data technology to search hundreds of top-rated insurers and suppliers from the comfort of your own home.

What’s the Difference?

There are a lot of questions around home insurance, and most of them have been ask time. It’s the perfect example of something that’s often difficult to define. And that will impact people’s decisions whether they know it or not.

The Changes are Coming

Home insurance will continue to evolve. But technology is helping ease the pain and increase the benefits of using insurance online.
Britons are using their smartphones for all their needs and with home insurance in particular, a digital experience is paramount. Insurance companies are responding to this need with new technology and, while this will change how we use it. It won’t necessarily change our relationship with it.
I believe this relationship is evolving with changes that are being made by insurance companies that are enhancing their customer experience. How you feel about that depends on the type of property you own and the steps you take to protect it.
Australians are the most active home insurance customers in the world. According to a report by global insurance market intelligence firm JLTVAT. While they are largely responsible for Australia’s new-found popularity in the world of home insurance. It is common to find that they would rather go for a walk than read the small print.

A culture of self-regulation

When we talk about technology, our preferences for online applications are clear. We want options, and that is a given. We want reassurance that our claims will be handle fairly and promptly and that our existing cover is correct.
It makes sense for us to choose a company. We can rely on for these things, and the new generation of home insurance providers are looking to be the go-to choice for any of those needs.
The new technologies from Secureify are enhancing the customer experience for Brits and offering better protection for their home.

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