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How can I upgrade my old bathroom?


Since the age of 1900, when millions were battling over bathroom upgrade, the bathroom has pretty much stayed the same. Bathrooms remain the only place in the home you can leave the shoes and coat when you’re headed somewhere, or bring them into the shower when you’re heading back home. When you renovate, keep this in mind and keep your bathroom updated.


Heather Robinson, owner of the Claypot House, joins us with tips for refreshing your bathroom to make it your own.


Bathroom tips from Heather Robinson;


“For the bathroom makeover, try bringing in some more color. I know what you’re thinking, what color? Well, we’ve got two bedrooms right now in the Claypot House that are painted the same color. If you’re not willing to take your bathroom with you, change the paint. Add in more color. It’s pretty easy, once you buy the paint, you’ve got paint that’s already there. Make sure your tub has tile around it. That makes it easy to get the tile onto the tub.”


“Well, some people like it scalloped and the majority of people like the whole tub done. Well, the bathroom walls and the floors in the bathroom are a little hard to decorate on if you have a marble floor. But with porcelain tile, that’s easy. That’s actually an easy fix if you really want to. Some people like porcelain and some people like marble.”


If you’re thinking about a bathroom makeover, Heather Robinson from the Claypot House has some tips to get you started.


$55-70,000, depending on project


“I would say you can spend about $75-80,000. This is actually the big range. There are some bigger projects that could cost more. The bathrooms that I do have that are higher up that I can do and that I have done up to a million dollars. But then again, there are some things that I would like to do more of, I want to do more things.”


“I think bathrooms are really important. Everybody wants to make their house as beautiful as they can be and I think the bathroom is actually one of the best places to do that, and that’s really important.”


A bathroom makeover, courtesy of Heather Robinson, owner of the Claypot House.


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