What Qualifies as a ‘Finished Basement’?

A basement is a space beneath the basement floor that is normally finished with exterior or interior finishes, such as drywall or stucco. If it’s not finished with drywall, it’s considered unfinished.


In terms of finishes, finished basements generally have one or more rooms above ground with drywall or stucco, wood finishes and interior staircases that provide access to the finished space below.


Basement Finishes You Can Still Make


The basement is one of the areas you can work on yourself if you have experience or resources.


You can install drywall and insulation, lay carpet, tile, wallpaper, and other interior and exterior finishes.


Basements That Are Not Finished (Inexpensive Basements)


If you have no experience or resources to do the complete basement finish (finish walls and floors, lay carpet, finish staircases, insulate, and finish the bathroom), then you can complete a finished basement with minimal money and skills.


This would include:


Purchase or rent a large sized store room (probably in the basement) and finish the floor, finish the walls and doorways with drywall and paint the room. Purchase one or more small rooms and finish them.


Complete one bathroom with tile or drywall and install wood floors.


Decorate an unfinished basement room (or make it into a guest room) with whatever items you have in your basement.


Finishing Basements With Simple Materials


If you have an unfinished basement in a small house or space, you can finish an unfinished basement with all the basic materials and projects you would normally do on a house (on a small scale or finished basement) by completing a number of these projects.


You can use these simple projects or design ideas to do it all. Some of them can cost more (for materials) than finishing the entire basement, but for many of the projects, it’s much cheaper than doing a fully finished basement (for those of you who have experience and resources).


Basement Decorating Projects That Cost Less Than Finishing a Basement


Make Your Basement Into a Bedroom


If you have no extra space, or you only have one or two small bedrooms in your basement, then you can make an unfinished basement into a bedroom for yourself or a family member by finishing one or more of the rooms below the finished basement level.


You’ll spend less than completing a fully finished basement, and you can start one or more rooms in your basement below the finished basement level. You can finish the room above the finished basement level.


If you don’t have any leftover funds to finish your basement, then you can take on a few unfinished basement projects.


Take On Small Basement Decorating Projects


If you have a basement with one or two small rooms and you have leftover money to work on this small space, then it’s a good idea to work on one or more small basement decorating projects that don’t cost a lot of money and create a beautiful space. Basement Decorating Projects That Cost Less Than Finishing a Basement.


Install a Basement Door or Corner Door (Small Size)


Install a small door in your basement for convenience in front of your main basement door. The door can be framed with wood to create a more decorative corner door.


For a small basement, you’ll only need wood framing or stucco. Or other exterior finish to build the door frame and fill the door hole.


Paint the brick basement door.


Use a primer to paint the brick basement door. This would make the brick stronger and more attractive.


If you plan on using stucco to finish the door. Then you’ll need to build a layer of cement or mortar.

Construct a Basement Door Stop or Door Bench


Attach a door stop or door bench on the corner of the basement door. It’s easy to build and you can get the materials in your basement. Or buy them on your big home shopping trip to the store.


Finishing Basement Doors


If you have extra space, you can finish basement doors.


You can finish a basement door with stucco or brick or stucco or paint.


Use stucco or brick to cover a basement door. You’ll need to build a roof for your basement door.


Attach a brick or stucco exterior over the door frame. You can add stucco or brick to the door door just like you would on a garage door.



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