Acorn Plumbing Repair Parts: Sinks, Basins & Troughs

If you’re looking for Acorn plumbing repair parts for sinks, basins, and troughs, or information about them, this article is for you.

This article discusses handwashing solutions by Acorn Engineering Company and helpful pointers on where you can obtain Acorn repair and replacement parts for industrial and commercial facilities’ retrofit and repair projects.

Acorn Handwashing Stations
Designed with durability in mind, Acorn products are carefully crafted to be the finest, engineered plumbing solutions in the industry.

Acorn offers portable and permanent installation handwashing stations and accessories for schools, businesses, health centers, amusement parks, and other public spaces.

They offer durable, reliable, and easy-to-maintain Neo-Metro by Acorn and Acorn Wash-Ware hand wash stations and basins.

Neo-Metro by Acorn Basins and Trough Sinks
Neo-Metro by Acorn Basins and Trough Sinks adds a touch of class to any bathroom. These sinks come in a variety of forms, sizes, and colors and are made of durable stainless steel and cast solid surface material.

The product line includes straight front washbasins, curved front washbasins (System M2), and trough sinks (Wedge) that are made of hard-wearing stainless steel material.

Aside from stainless steel basins, they also have sinks of solid surface polymer resin in different colors to suit any background.

Corterra Solid Surface
Corterra provides a stylish and long-lasting finish with its sleek and durable aesthetics. It offers the following additional features:

● Has LEED-certified polymer resin materials

● Class A fire rating

● Easily repairable

LEED or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is a green-building rating system globally recognized as a hallmark for sustainability achievement and leadership.

You can have Corterra Solid Surface for washbasins (Vari-Slab), wall-mounted washbasins (Slab-Edge), and trough sinks (Wedge).

Wash-Ware Hand Wash Sinks, Wash Fountains, and Portable Wash Basins
Wash-Ware Hand Wash Sinks, Wash Fountains, and Portable Wash Basins feature a contemporary design for hand-washing needs. They offer a unique, appealing appearance at an affordable price.

This series also has stainless steel hand washing stations that can stand up to heavy, commercial traffic while still looking great.

On top of stainless steel designs, the series also have Corterra and Terrazzo-Ware solid surfaces for wash stations. These surfaces are ideal for public restrooms for their durability and aesthetics.

Terrazzo-Ware Solid Surface
Terrazzo is constructed out of natural aggregates, such as marble and glass fragments, that are put in a tinted cement binder and carefully polished before being sealed.

These naturally occurring components combine to create a beautiful granite-like substance that is both durable and low-maintenance.

Terrazzo is available in four different colors. The default color for Acorn Terrazzo products is Palomino Tan (-OCT1).

Acorn Cleaning and Care Maintenance
Regular maintenance of Corterra surfaces include cleaning the surface using a soapy sponge or clean cloth. Abrasive cleaner or bleach can be used for stubborn stains.

To get rid of any dried or hardened particles, use a scraper to scrape away at things like gum or food. Use caution when using a putty knife or blade.

For Terrazzo surfaces, basic care includes regular cleaning with a nonabrasive cloth soaked in a cleaning detergent. Surfaces should be rinsed thoroughly and wiped dry to prevent water stain build-up.

Terrazzo surfaces should never come in contact with an abrasive brush, cloth, or cleaning agent.

For stainless steel, you can remove smudges and fingerprints with a standard stainless steel polish using a non-abrasive cloth.

When cleaning serious problems, let dry and expose to air for at least 24 hours to allow “healing.” This is needed for the restoration of the chromium oxide layer of the stainless steel.

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