Home home improvement What is House Depot most known for?

What is House Depot most known for?


House Depot is one of the country’s biggest home improvement stores.


House Depot was founded in 1962 by Robert P. Tyco. Tyco, a former Sears vice president, purchased a single-floor hardware store and transformed it into the House Depot of its time.


Today, Home Depot has 19,500 stores, more than 500 million customers, 56,000 employees, 575 warehouses, 150 million square feet of retail space and more than 23 million active customers each week.


Home Depot competes with other large retail chains including Lowe’s, Wal-Mart and Sears.


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Home Depot vs. Lowe’s: Which Is the Better Stock?

Home Depot is often thought of as the big brother of Lowe’s. Lowe’s has steadily expanded its store count from 1,982 stores in 2000 to more than 2,500 stores today.


Home Depot has been growing much more slowly. Since 2000, Home Depot has grown its store count from 2,374 to 5,399 stores, and the company anticipates completing a similar expansion of its store count over the next several years.


Home Depot boasts higher sales per square foot than Lowe’s. The Home Depot stores had an average sales per square foot of approximately $1,900 in 2013, with more square feet devoted to different departments and therefore higher overall sales.


Home Depot makes more than half its sales through hard goods such as lumber, concrete and tile.


Home Depot has lower earnings per share than Lowe’s. Home Depot earned $5.08 in 2016. Lowe’s earned $4.52, including the impact of charges related to the decrease of its corporate tax rate.


Home Depot vs. Sears: Which Is the Better Retailer?

Home Depot has higher sales per square foot, higher return on assets, and higher return on equity.


Home Depot’s return on equity is 21.1%, while Lowe’s returns on equity is 9.2%.


Home Depot’s sales per square foot in 2016 was $526,721, while Lowe’s was $497,546.


Home Depot has been taking more business from shoppers. Lowe’s grew more quickly than Home Depot. Lowe’s sales grew 8.1% in 2016, while Home Depot grew only 5.3%.


Home Depot vs. Lowe’s: Shareholders

Shareholders are pleased with Home Depot. Home Depot has produced a total shareholder return (NASDAQ:TTM) of 31.7% since its IPO in April 1992, while Lowe’s has posted only a 12.9% return over the same period.


Home Depot’s EPS and sales have been in line with Lowe’s in the past couple of years.


Home Depot is not currently paying a dividend, but Lowe’s has been paying shareholders dividends since 1951. Lowe’s shares have only returned 14% since 2010.


Home Depot offers a higher return on equity. Home Depot’s return on equity is 45.4%, while Lowe’s returns on equity is 36.3%.


Home Depot has been expanding more than Lowe’s, as Lowe’s has been slowing down. Lowe’s comparable store sales have not met expectations, and the company has been struggling to keep its costs under control.


Home Depot has one of the best reputations among retail investors in the world.


Home Depot is seeing increased consumer traffic. Consumers trust Home Depot more than Lowe’s. Home Depot is also selling more goods than Lowe’s.


Home Depot vs. Lowe’s: Departments


Home Depot is the largest home improvement retailer in the country. The Home Depot store includes a wide assortment of home improvement supplies. Home Depot stores typically have a broad range of home improvement categories, such as dry wall, lumber, paint, tile and electrical.


Home Depot has more departments than Lowe’s stores. Home Depot stores have approximately 65 departments, while Lowe’s stores have 45 departments.


Home Depot stores carry a broad range of categories, including furniture, kitchen products, tools, lawn and garden products, appliances, home improvement tools, safety and security products, fitness equipment and fashion accessories.


Home Depot stores carry a wide variety of outdoor and indoor plants, trees, shrubs, lawn, garden and greenhouse products. Home Depot stores also have major appliances.


Home Depot has an expansive variety of automotive supplies and automotive parts. Home Depot has a wide variety of furniture and bedding products.


Home Depot has a broad assortment of decor items. Home Depot also carries hardware products, crafts, sporting goods, grocery items, home office products, restaurant supplies, computers, appliances, and decorations.


Home Depot has an expanded product assortment compared to Lowe’s. Home Depot offers a wider variety of indoor and outdoor home improvement products, tools and home decor items. Home Depot also carries more specialty products, such as coffee pots, gourmet coffees, fishing gear, cologne, home gyms, pet accessories and gas grills.


Home Depot has more lawn and garden supplies and gardening tools. Home Depot’s department is based on outdoor gardening products and provides gardening lessons.




House Depot has expanded the number of home accessories, such as lamps, floor lamps, sheets and towels.



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