4 Ideas for Maximizing the Space in Your Small Apartment

Living in a small apartment can be a challenge. It can feel a bit like being trapped in a box, and finding space for your things is always going to be an uphill battle.

If you’re moving into a place that’s smaller than you’re used to, you can look at these limits and see them for what they are–or you can instead imagine the possibilities. The trick is to work with and around what you have, not against it. The tips below should help you overcome your small apartment woes:

Furnish thoughtfully
Furniture always takes up the most space in every home. People will always need places to sit on, sleep in, entertain… you get the idea.

With the limited amount of livable space you’ll have, it’s then vitally important to choose your pieces carefully. You wouldn’t want to occupy half the area with an oversized couch and not have somewhere to eat on. Crowding your small apartment will also make it feel difficult to move around.

Multi-purpose furniture is the way to go when you want your home to feel bigger but still be functional. Lamps with shelves, such as the ones sold by Atamin, are an excellent choice. They provide adequate illumination while giving you a place to store and display books, mementos, and other tchotchkes.

You don’t have to stop at lamps with shelves, either. There are plenty of multi-use furnishings out there–some beds or couches offer storage space under the mattress or cushions. You can also use a decorative stool as an end table, or an ottoman as a coffee table.

Create multi-use areas
Ideally, we all want to have dedicated areas for rest, work, meals, and other activities. In a small apartment, though, there simply isn’t enough space for this to be possible.

An easy way to solve this problem is to use one area for multiple purposes. You may have to make a few compromises, but you’ll still be comfortable. Make a list of the things you want to do in the area and then visualize zones where these activities can take place.

If you work from home, for example, you can turn part of your dining area into a miniature office. If you like to entertain but live in a studio apartment, you can invest in a convertible bed that can accommodate guests when they come over.

Look up
Most people who live in small apartments tend to focus on their limited floor area. What they don’t notice is the fact that they actually have plenty of space–and it’s right above their heads.

Yes, it makes the most sense to keep your things accessible and within reach. However, there’s a huge missed opportunity in letting that part of your apartment above eye level go to waste. While it can’t be classified as livable space, there’s no good reason for you to leave it to the cobwebs.

The best way to utilize that area effectively is to turn it into storage. You can choose to have cabinets installed, or look into floating shelves for displaying books and other items. Another option is to loft your bed to instantly free up the space underneath it.

Go minimalist
Minimalist living isn’t for everyone, but it’s an option worth looking into for the spatially-challenged urban dweller. When you think about it, do you really need most of the items you own?

Going back to basics is a great way to save money while still creating a functional space for yourself. Your apartment doesn’t have to be sparse, it just has to have everything you can conceivably need in it. Getting rid of the unnecessary will clear up your small apartment and make it feel bigger.

Living in a small apartment doesn’t have to feel like you’ve given up a lot. When you prioritize your needs and make thoughtful decisions accordingly, there’s no reason why you can’t be happy and comfortable. For more space-saving solutions, check out Atamin today.

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