Where is Rick Ros’s home?


Rick is most closely associated with Rick Ross’s house on Miami Beach. It’s unclear where Rick actually lives. Most clues point to a spot on the north side of Ocean Drive in Miami Beach. But there’s also evidence that Rick has a house near Ocean Point in Palm Beach. Rick said, “I would stay there. I would stay with the people that love me, but I would love to stay with Rick Ross.” Lily and Taylor are both quite familiar with Rick’s house. “I’ve been there. I stayed there. I’ve played there,” said Lily.


Rick said, “I did get married there.”


“Well, my brother married there,” Taylor clarified.


“Oh, you did,” Rick laughed.


Lily interjected, “That’s great! Oh, man. That would be awesome if you came to the wedding. I would love for Rick to come.”


I’m not sure if I’d get there,” Rick shrugged.


“Don’t tell me, what is Rick’s real name?” Lily begged.


“Rick Ross, like the rapper,” Rick shrugged again.


Rick is not so shy about his house. “Here’s Rick Ross’s house,” he said.


Rick is so keen on showing off his house and his lifestyle, that he can’t always tell someone who he actually is. He once addressed reporters and the paparazzi by name. He gave instructions to the workers when he knew reporters were interested in his home. “I got my ladders out. I’m going to climb up this here house,” Rick said in his south Florida accent.


“OK, what are you going to do?” Taylor asked.


“I’m going to take a little ride on this pole,” Rick laughed.


After the visit to the house, Taylor said she had never seen such pride and joy in Rick’s life. “I never thought I would see Rick Ross on TV or not,” said Taylor. Rick is such a good dancer, he can make a bad song like Lil Wayne’s “No Way Out” sound good. “No way out, baby. You don’t have to be in a relationship,” Rick sings. “I got a lady to take, for real.”


Rick later told us, “It’s probably like one of the worst songs ever made.”


After the show ended, Rick talked to us about his last visit to Houston, when he shot a music video. Rick said, “I took my boys there and I did a really good show. Houston was amazing. The fans were amazing. They treated me well.”


Rick said it was quite the experience shooting a music video on the south side of Houston.


“I stayed at a house that was so bad that I went into it. I went into it, to be real because the girls were at the house, and I didn’t want to be around the girls,” Rick joked. “So I went to the room and I stayed in the room. I just didn’t want to be with anybody. The situation was very bad, and they weren’t feeding the girls well.”


The best part of the trip?


“I actually got to hang out with my kids, because they had been with my mom. So I got to come to the house and see my kids,” said Rick.


Two years ago, Rick revealed he had a child with his then-girlfriend, Theresa Monroe-Young. But Rick told us he didn’t have much of a relationship with the child, “You know, I had a relationship with my daughter but not much. Like I told you, I ain’t got no relationship with the baby’s mom. Just because she’s my baby.”


It seems Rick was worried his daughter would not receive as much attention as she does now.


“I’m very proud. I’m very happy,” Rick said of being a father. “But I know that my daughter needs to have somebody else in her life because she’s grown now. She’s a grown woman. She’s a real grown woman now.”


“I didn’t know about that?” Taylor asked, clearly surprised.


“Yeah,” said Rick. “But I’m happy that my baby’s happy. I’m happy that she’s doing good. I’m happy that she’s not going nowhere with me, so, everything is cool.”


After spending a week with Rick Ross, Taylor and Lily want to come back for more.


“We actually want to come back. Just to have fun, man. Just to hang out, you know? I want to hang out with him for sure,” said Taylor.


“I definitely will. I will,” said Lily.


“When he told me about that house and that he was getting married and that he had a kid, I was shocked. I was like, ‘Oh, my goodness,'” said Rick.


“I was shocked, too, because he didn’t look like he was really excited about it,” said Taylor.


We asked Rick if he was actually living with Rick’s wife or if he was staying with the Ross family.


“My mom. He’s staying at my mom’s house. I’m living at my house,” said Rick.


When we asked Rick if he was currently married, he was silent for a moment and then said, “I’m not married.”


Before we could ask Rick Ross about his marriage and a possible daughter, he immediately went to the real big thing on his mind: Rick’s birthday party.


“I’m getting married tomorrow, on my birthday,” Rick said.


The big birthday party will take place at the Ross home on Jose Marti Avenue in Houston. Taylor, Lily, Rick, and his mom are all expected to be there. Taylor and Lily say it’s their first time at the Ross home. Rick said, “I’m going to be out here celebrating. I want to go to every house. I want to go to every room. I want to go to every room.”



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