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Do Joe and Jill Biden have a child together?


According to People, the vice president is expecting a grandchild this fall, but little is known about the identity of the child’s father.


Jill and Joe Biden have been dating since July 1972, after she gave birth to her son, Joseph A. Bickley. The Bidens were married in July 1977, after Joe went on a yearlong tour to Vietnam. In July 1983, the couple welcomed their daughter, Ashley, followed by two more daughters in the 1980s.


Joe and Jill Biden have remained together over the years, living apart, but only after Joe, then a congressman, got divorced from his first wife, Carol.


Carol Biden was caught cheating on Joe back in 1978, but eventually went on to remarry and have two more kids with her second husband, Henry.


Both Joe and Carol Biden have been publicly involved with the Bidens’ grandchild.


According to Yahoo! News, Joe Biden referred to their grandson in one of his final political speeches as being “in the middle of it,” referring to the presidential election.


Meanwhile, Joice Beckley, the eldest granddaughter of Joe Biden and Jill Biden. Confirmed to People Magazine that she is pregnant with her second child.


“Joe and I are proud to say, we are thrilled to announce our plans to add to our family,” she told the publication.


The 29-year-old, who gave birth to her first child with longtime boyfriend Andrew Lapham in February of 2016, also gave birth to her second daughter in January of 2017.


Do you think Joe Biden will run for president in 2020?


Joe Biden did not run in 2016. Joe Biden made the announcement on March 20, 2016.


Unfortunately, in the time since the announcement, the now 74-year-old Joe has lost his brother, former Vice President Joe Biden, to a battle with cancer. He also lost his youngest son, Beau, to cancer.


Joe Biden also lost a close friend, Sen. Ted Kennedy, and a number of friends in 2016.


By the time Joe Biden made his announcement in 2016, he and his youngest son, Beau, had already lost the vice president’s longtime partner, Dr. Jill Biden, to breast cancer in May of 2015.


Even with all the drama of the last few years, Joe Biden will likely remain one of the more popular political figures.


The former vice president will likely run for the president. While Jill Biden will likely join him in the bid for the presidency. Read More


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Will Joe Biden Run For President In 2020?


Joe Biden Is Likely To Run For President In 2020. The president of the United States hasn’t lost a parent in office since James Carter in the early 1980s. However, if the vice president does run, there is a possibility that he could be America’s first fatherless president.


As for Joe Biden, he may be 73 years old by the time he hits the campaign trail for the next presidential election. Still, the vice president has told supporters and staff that he’ll run if and when he thinks he can win the presidency.


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Joe Biden Is Being Considered For 2020 Presidential Run


If Joe Biden runs for president in 2020, the 85-year-old may be in his late 70s when the campaign trail starts. Just like Trump. If Trump runs in 2020, the current president is 71-years-old.


It’s likely that Joe Biden will be busy if he runs for the presidency. In fact, if he is the Democratic nominee, Joe Biden will likely have two female vice presidents to worry about when it comes to running for president.


Jill Biden will most likely join her father in the presidential race. But it’s possible that another daughter, Ashley Biden, might also join the race.



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‘The Haunting Of Joe Biden’ Is Now A Possibility. If Joe Biden runs for the presidential race, it’s likely that he will continue to make headlines. Stay tuned to the Inquisitr for more updates regarding Joe Biden’s possible run for the presidency.

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