Helpful Insights for Shopping for Men’s Church Suits

There’s a reason we call it the “Sunday Best.” It connotes a time when people wore their finest clothes to church, in honor not only of the congregation but of the Lord. Back in the day, adult gentlemen wore men’s church suits and ladies wore their finest dresses and hats.

Some still choose to go this traditional route – both preachers and parishioners – but if so, how can you be sure that the church suit of your choice is right for the occasion? Here are some suggestions.

Consider the Color
While it’s generally good advice to consider the color of your church suit to ensure its compatibility with your other clothing and accessories, it’s also important to remember that the different times in the liturgical calendar appropriate specific colors.

For instance, it is common to wear purple around lent or red in observance of the feast days of martyred saints.

Of course, these are very bright colors – you can hardly go wrong with black or white.

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Fresh Is Best
It’s a wise idea only to wear fresh, clean suits that have a polished aesthetic. Its inadvisable to wear a suit with avant-garde or ultra-modern aesthetic as these might be considered improper or even offensive.

Dressing conservatively is a safe bet. Choose styles and designs that are timeless, rather than trying to make a fashion statement. Remember, you’re honoring the congregation and the House of the Lord – not your own image.

The Fit Is Critical
Speaking of aesthetics, in order to create a respectable impression with a men’s church suit, it must fit you properly.

Close enough is not good enough and truly you should get a suit tailored. However, starting with a suit in your size is the best way to get a polished look.

Consider Divinity Clergy Wear’s men’s church suits, many of which are available in standard sizes ranging from 36 short all the way up to 55 long.

In for a Dime…
Don’t cut corners and pinch pennies. What looks like a bargain might only be so because it exhibits low quality or shoddy craftsmanship. Your personal wardrobe might warrant economics, but not your Sunday Best.

Pair with Compatible Accessories
Church suits are often brightly arrayed with satin or silk-like trim or beautiful hardware and buttons.

Before you pair with accessories – like sunglasses, a watch, or cufflinks, pay close attention to the accents of top-quality suits for churches and take your inspiration from them.

Bundle and Save (and Guarantee a Match!)
Another tip you should keep in mind when shopping for men’s suits for church (or even high fashion business suits) is to get a two-piece suit.

You can put together a suit from separates, but nothing looks quite as dashing as a matched, two or even three-piece men’s set.

Where Can You Find Original, High-Quality Men’s Church Suits?
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They carry a wide range of original men’s church suits in an assortment of styles, cuts, and colors – ideal not only for church ceremonies and special occasions but also for preachers. Visit their website today for more information.

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