How to Clean and Disinfect Your House to Keep It Hygienic?

When you clean your house regularly, it removes all the dust and dirt, improving the air quality of your house.

So, do not forget to schedule a regular routine of cleaning. You can clean your house on your own or you can book cleaning services for effective and hassle-free cleaning.

If you are a “let’s give it a try” type of person, this article is for you. Here, you will find out some tips and tricks to clean your house effectively.

Tips to Clean Your House Properly

Cleaning your house might seem a difficult feat that can make you delay it or sometimes forget it completely. But, believe me, it is not that tough. You can clean your house efficiently by following these expert tips and tricks: amazonsalesday

Cleaning and Disinfecting Hard Surfaces

Hard surfaces such as floors, counters, wooden furniture fixtures, or walls take up dust, dirt, and germs. These germs can stick to your body parts and can cause certain diseases which can cost you fortunes. Therefore, you should clean all these components to promote a hygienic environment. Follow the following steps:

  • Clean all the hard surfaces with a solution of water and soap
  • Book cleaning services in Lahore for detailed cleaning
  • Use disinfectants in the solution
  • Or pick the cleaning products that are suggested by experts

By using this method, you are wiping off all the bacteria, dust, and germs from your floor. It makes your floor hygienic and safe to walk on.

For Cleaning Laundry Items

When it comes to dust and dirt taking up, laundry items take the lead. The dust particles, germs, and fungi accumulate in them and hide. No one can trace them with naked eyes and remove them.

To keep your laundry items dust-free and germ-free, you should try the following steps:

  • Prepare a solution by mixing water and detergent
  • Dip your laundry items in it for an appropriate time
  • After an adequate time, wash these items
  • Dry them properly by spreading them at a place where there is direct exposure to sunlight
  • Wash your hands with Dettol

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Remember! Always use quality detergents that can remove stains and germs properly. If you do not know about the right cleaning products, you can let an expert do the job for you. You can book carpet cleaning services in Lahore for better and more effective cleaning.

Cleaning Sofas, Mattresses, and Cushions

Sofas, cushions, and mattresses take in dust, dirt, and germs that can not be traced easily but prove their presence by transmitting allergies and diseases. Many homeowners find the cleaning of these items challenging. But if you have a little knowledge and experience in preparing cleaning products at home, it is a piece of cake. Here is the process you can follow:

In the case of Stains

  • Take white vinegar
  • Take distilled water
  • Mix them well goodexpressday
  • Apply this solution to the stain sites

In the case of Foul Odours

  • Take powder baking soda
  • Sprinkle it on your sofa or mattress
  • Spread it on the whole body of the sofa
  • Let it work overnight
  • After the said time, remove all the baking soda

In the case of Dust and Dirt

  • Vacuum your sofa
  • Check the cleaning care tag
  • Clean it accordingly
  • Repeat the procedure regularly


If you do not have the skills and tools to clean your mattress, you can book mattress cleaning services for effective and efficient cleaning.

When to Carry Out Cleaning Process?

You should clean your house periodically to avoid any attack of germs, allergens, and other debris. It will keep all the germs away and you safe. So, do not forget to clean your house timely.

  • Try to clean your house floor daily or thrice a week to wipe out all the dust and germs brought in with your shoes
  • Clean your sofas or mattresses once in six months if you have children or pets; otherwise, you can extend it to once a year.
  • Clean your other furniture fixtures almost once a week to remove all the dust and dirt to preserve their dye and quality
  • Clean your carpets once a year to prevent the growth of dust mites and allergens

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