Signs Your AC Refrigerant is Leaking and How to Fix It

Leaky air conditioning refrigerant might not seem problematic but it can lead to hefty electricity bills, no cooling on long hot days of summer, and severe health issues. It can also lead to a partial or complete breakdown of your unit if not checked for a longer time. To help you find out the issues with your air conditioning system, AC services in Karachi have come up with a list of signs of refrigerant leak and solutions. You can trace the issue by noticing the sign and resolve it beforehand.

Telltale Signs Your Air Conditioner Refrigerant is Leaking

If your air conditioning unit is malfunctioning and is not cooling your house even after hours-long running, do not worry. You have come to the right place.

In this article, you will come to learn some most common signs that indicate your AC refrigerant is leaking. You will also learn some potential solutions to keep your system running optimally:

1.    Higher AC Bills

When there is no or very small amount of refrigerant left, the cooling power of your air conditioning system delines. In this way, you have to keep your AC switched on for longer times to cool your house.

This long-term running can cause higher energy consumption that can lead to higher AC bills. Your unit may lead to partial or complete breakdown if you do not take proper care of this issue.


If you are paying higher bills these months, it might be a sign of your unit’s refrigerant leak. Spare some time and inspect your unit properly to find out whether its refrigerant is leaking or not.

If you do not have the necessary skills and tools to inspect your unit, do not worry. Book AC repair services in Karachi for effective inspection and maintenance and our handyman services such as Plumbing services at home.

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2.    No Cooling

Let us clear it first! What does a refrigerant do in your air conditioning unit? The refrigerant plays a crucial role in absorbing heat from the inside of your house and throwing it outside to keep it cool and comfortable.

An appropriate amount of refrigerant is necessary to carry out this function.  If your system runs short of refrigerant, it can lead to lesser cooling or no cooling at all. You might have to keep your air conditioning unit running for a long time, which will lead to skyrocketing AC bills.


The only solution to this problem is to fill your unit with refrigerant again. Remember! Do not just go for filling the refrigerant only. Instead, fix the crack or leak in the refrigerant cylinder first to ensure no further leakage.

For this purpose, you should book experienced professionals through the Mahir company app who are best at it. Professional AC technicians have got years long experience and training that make them perfect for this job.

3.    Hours-long Running to Cool a Single Room

Refrigerant is necessary to cool down your house. If your system is running short of refrigerant, it will not be able to absorb heat from inside and release it outside properly.

In this way, you might have to keep your air conditioner switched on for hours. It will not only increase your electricity bills but also diminish your air conditioning unit’s performance.


To keep your unit working optimally, you should maintain an appropriate quantity of refrigerant. When you observe that your system is taking longer to cool down your house, you should inspect it and maintain it.

In this way, you can avoid hefty bills due to over energy-consumption. You can also avoid future repairs and replacements.

4.    AC Blowing Warm Air

If there is no refrigerant in your air conditioner, there will be no cooling in your house. AC installation services in Lahore translate this situation to the absence of an appropriate quantity of refrigerant.

You might have been keeping your air conditioning unit ON for hours with no appropriate cooling. It can only add extra units to your electricity bills that can make a huge dent in your wallet.

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The only solution to your problem is to fill your air conditioner’s refrigerant cylinder with the refrigerant liquid gas. If you do not have the proper skills and tools, you should not mess with your expensive unit.

You should book AC repair services in town to effectively carry out the whole process. The professional will trace the problem and resolve it as soon as possible.

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