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The headline sounds a bit apocalyptic but there is no need to be alarmed. I don’t think he’s going to say anything that we don’t already know, perhaps some extra detail to make the summer more comfortable for everyone – and surely, what a remedy -, this being one marked by a historic pandemic that less than a month ago had us locked up at home. Because the pandemic is still there, although the wobble of figures given by the government has unleashed the compass of insecurity and we no longer know how to distinguish what is real from what is fictitious, to the point that we are not entirely convinced that we know what world we live in with accuracy. One of the concerns most valued by the Spanish regarding this summer is precisely that their children enjoy the holidays in a pleasant, relaxed and safe environment. And it is possible although you may have to make some extra effort. Here are some tips.


Face mask. Mandatory, without hesitation, in public spaces. For children, it can be a somewhat overwhelming accessory in the heat, but they must understand that they are necessary, not only for them, but to keep those around them safe, especially grandparents. The mask could be, for a child, Batman’s armored cape, something like that, an indispensable accessory in the life of the superhero – or superheroine for them – of the 21st century.  And I’m not a kid anymore but I would have given half my comics to have been a superhero. A superhero who also cleans himself every time he returns to his lair, washes his hands and face, this is essential, only God knows what evil chemicals his enemies may have used to try to defeat him. thewebdevs

In the old style of Guido Orefice in  Life is beautiful , although without so much terror in our environment, explaining to a child the importance of their actions in a way that they understand, is perhaps one of the most sensible ways to incorporate them into the real world from their perspective.  Answering relevant questions, opening up to them, is one of the subjects that parents have pending for this summer.

For the child to feel safe but at the same time controlling that he fulfills his promise as a superhero, it is not a bad idea to spend the first days of vacation more attentive to his movements. We are to them like Alfred, Batman’s butler. Always vigilant in the shadows, although without intervening if it is not necessary, we try to ensure that our superhero – or superheroine – fulfills her mission of saving the world without suffering a single scratch. Keeping the summer fun hot but not letting go of what’s important.

Following the line of the superhero, actually any figure is good to motivate children. A character from your favorite movie or even someone you don’t know and we can introduce you to. We could tell you the story of Maurice Hilleman, an American virologist who in the spring of 1957 recognized a pandemic outbreak in Hong Kong and quickly developed a vaccine, to the point where he managed to produce 40 million doses before it reached the United States. A reference, even if we are ourselves, is of vital importance to keep our children’s motivation high. globalwebhealth


Getting a positive attitude, especially when the children are more tired of this situation, is another key for the summer. The best way to achieve this attitude is, always with their feet on the ground, encouraging them to take their minds to the sky. Let them dream and imagine. Read books and watch good movies. May they travel to a world without masks, or to a worse one, even, where they can meet the heroes they now represent. Sometimes we worry to such an extent about physical deductible health that we forget that mental health is just as important, and for a child to maintain a vigorous spirit it is necessary to maintain that healthy balance between fiction and reality.

It is important to show an open posture towards the mystery. Today many things happen in the world that children do not understand – nor do we -, and by not understanding, they get overwhelmed, starting a chain of very negative feelings to keep the spirit of summer alive.  We can start with ourselves when it comes to considering the mystery not as something threatening and negative, but as another element of life that can sometimes even be fun. Deciphering the language of the stars on clear nights, answering their questions in such a way that they themselves find the answer, opening the horizons of the world and the customs that make it up, each piece of unknown land opens up a multitude of exciting possibilities and children would good to know.

In short, what can we do to keep our children safe? First of all, let them protect us with their superhero masks, and always be motivated to do the right thing. Let them enjoy their wild imaginations and learn to accept fear and mystery. Perhaps this is the summer not only to enjoy Spain to the fullest, but also to enjoy it with the children. It could be that they have something to teach us.

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