Tips to Avoid Electrical Shocks During Monsoon

There is a lot to love about a rainy season but when it comes to electrical appliances, outlets, and repairs, it can give a tough time. All the electrical fixtures become extra dangerous in this season, being more susceptible to electrical shocks, sparks, and fires.

But it is not the fault of the rainy season but the homeowners who do not prepare their homes for the monsoon. If you take proper care of your electrical system, you can enjoy your rainy season without any tension.

So, if you do not have your house prepared for the rainy season, book electrician services, and get it maintained for the monsoon. In this way, you can avoid electrical shocks during the rainy season.

Tips to Avoid Electrical Hazards During Monsoon

1. Don’t Do Your Electrical Repairs Yourself

You might have been doing small electrical repairs on your own throughout the year, but it is not the time. During the rainy season, the electrical repairs should be handled by the experts only because they might cause you electrical shocks or electrocution.

Moisture makes the electrical connections and electrical wires more susceptible to leak current which can harm you. The watery and muddy earth’s surface can also lead you to electrical shocks.

Therefore, in such times, you should not touch or try to deal with your electrical repairs as these can cost you fortunes. Instead, you should let the experts do your electrical repairs.

For this purpose, you can book electrician services in Karachi. Professional service providers have years-long experience and training that makes them perfect for this job.

2. Cover Your Electrical Outlets

During the rainy season, all your electrical outlets should be covered so that water can not reach them. Otherwise, water can damage them or lead to sparks following a breakdown.

It can also set your house on fire if you do not take proper care of your electrical outlets. It might cost you millions of rupees.

That is why experts always suggest covering your electrical outlets before monsoon comes. It will keep your electrical outlets dry and clean which will keep them functioning for a longer time.

3. Keep Your Electrical Appliances Away from Windows

When water wets your electrical appliances, the current can pass to your body which can cost you electrical shocks or electrocutions in severe cases. Your electrical appliances can also go wrong, which can lead to a partial or complete breakdown.

Therefore, you should make sure that all your electrical appliances are dry and clean. This is possible if you keep your electrical appliances away from your windows and doors.

Moreover, if any of your electrical appliances have got wet, you should wipe it with a dry cloth. Remember! First of all, switch off the appliance, and then wipe it out with a dry cloth.

If any of your electrical appliances are not functioning properly, do not worry. Let an expert look into the situation. Book a professional electrician in Karachi for proper inspection and maintenance.

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4. Upgrade Your Old Electrical Wiring

If your house has an old worn-out electrical system, it is time to upgrade it. You should upgrade it before the rainy season comes because this season will pinpoint all the weak points of your electrical system.

Worn-out electrical wires can let the current pass through your wet metallic objects that can ultimately reach your body. It can cost you electrical shocks that can also lead to electrocution in severe cases.

So, you should book professionals and upgrade your electrical system before it gets too late and you become prey to electrical shocks.

5. Prevent Water Leakages

Water and electricity do not mix well. If they meet, they can prove fatal for you. Therefore, you should keep an eye on your house to see whether there is any water leakage or not.

If there is any leakage near the electrical outlets, this should be dealt with meticulously. Book professionals through the Mahir company app to fix the issue in a hassle-free and stress-free way.

Experienced electricians will trace the problem and resolve it effectively. They not only rectify your current electrical problem but also make sure it does not happen again.

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