Video posts engage and reach the most page likes.

On average, video posts reached 10.89% in July. This is 8% less than the 11.86% reached in May. Links reached 9.23% and photos at 7.79%, while status updates reached 6.57%.

Videos also had the highest engagement rate, with 6.79% of page likes reaching on average. This is a 33% increase over May’s 6.61%. Photos were engaged at 6.57%, compared to 7.06% in May. Links were engaged at 4.25%, and status updates were engaged at 4.05% of page views.

The video was also the most engaging format for large pages, with a 9.32% engagement rate. Photos received 6.56% engagement and link 4.49%, while status updates got 3.12% click here.

These numbers are yet another reason why your brand should get into video. Our recent video survey revealed that 47% of Facebook pages do not upload videos. It is time to create a video content strategy if you are one of these pages. These nine brands are masters at the Facebook video.

Facebook Introducing YouTube Features

We discussed Facebook native videos getting more reach and engagement than YouTube videos when posted to Facebook pages. Facebook wants you to be clearer about your decision in favor of native videos.

Two new features were announced to bring native video closer to YouTube’s features. Page owners can now upload secret videos. Only the URL can be viewed. Pages can allow videos to embed on other sites, set expiration dates for video posts, limit the audience, and publish videos on their pages without them being visible on the news feed or timeline. Facebook is also testing the ability to add a video as a “watch later” option.

Facebook is becoming a major video player. These changes give page owners more options. You should not post YouTube video links to your Facebook pages. Facebook will now suggest you upload the native video to replace a YouTube link.

Ecommerce shop within pages

Facebook is looking at allowing businesses to create shops on their Facebook pages. This is a great news piece for e-commerce companies. This would allow customers to purchase products on Facebook rather than leave the platform. It is hoped that the whole experience will be within Facebook, from finding the product to purchasing it.

The feature is currently in testing, and no details are available, such as whether Facebook will take a portion of the sales. However, the news will certainly be of interest to many e-commerce businesses read more.

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Three steps make Facebook work with your brand.

These are the steps that we recommend to brands for them to succeed on Facebook.

  • Set a budget and start with Facebook advertising to reach a wider audience.
  • Set aside a budget to create great video content you can post directly on Facebook.
  • You should only post the most interesting, informative, relevant, and entertaining content. Every post should delight your audience.

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