Instagram Metrics to Track Your eCommerce Growth

The first step to tracking your Instagram metrics is to download the free app called Instagram Insights. After the downloading application, you must go forward and have to log in with your Instagram account. After logging in, you should see a screen that looks similar to this:

You should see something like this, once you click on the Analytics tab

Now you can start to analyze your data. To do this, you need to select the date range that you want to track (in my case, I am looking at the last 30 days). Then, you can choose what type of metric you would like to track. In my case, I chose to look at impressions, reach, and engagement.

To get started, simply scroll down until you see the section titled “Metric”. The name of the metric now can be entered, if you wish to track it. If you don’t know how many people follow you on Instagram, then you can use the default setting. However, if you want to track the number of followers, then you can change the settings to show only those who follow you.

After entering the name of the metric, you can choose whether you want to view the total number of impressions, reach, or engagements. It can also be chosen to see these numbers daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

Google Analytics is a web analysis service that is provided by Google to help website owners to understand how visitors remain in touch with their websites. Statistically, it provides data related to that from where users came, how they navigate your site, and what kind of actions could be taken by users on your site.

You can generate two kinds of reports using Google Analytics:

**Overview Report** – This shows basic information about your traffic, including the number of visits, average time spent on the site, pages viewed, referring sites, search terms, etc.

**Audience Overview** – Shows demographic information about your audience, including age, gender, location, language, and interests

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A great way to analyze the concern of people with your content is to like. You can use likes to determine if your audience is interested in your product and what they think about it. It is also important to know the performance of your Instagram likes.

Engaged followers will comment, like, save, and share your content. If the engagement rate of your business page is high it means a large group of people is actively following you. Getting notice of this metric is key to success. If you notice a decrease in likes, then you know that your audience isn’t liking your content anymore.


A great way to judge the interest of people in your products is through comments. Commenting on your post means that the public is interested in your brand. If you notice a drop in comments, then you know that people aren’t interacting with your posts as much.

  1. Reach

A great way to get expose your business is by sharing. People share your content with their followers and friends, which helps spread awareness about your brand. If you start noticing a decline in shares, then you know that you need to work harder to promote your content. If you want to monitor your brand performance shares are one of the utmost metrics.

Your business post shares gain maximum reach that depends upon your shares. Reach depend upon some factors like what type of hashtags you use, what was the time when your post, make some different type of post from competitors and CTA (call to action) should be optimized for engagement.


A great way to keep eye on that who is following your page is followers. This information can be used to search out what type of content the public wants to see from your side. If you notice a decline in followers, then you know that some of your fans might not be engaging with your content anymore.


A great way to monitor how many people are interested in your content, and views. If you notice a dip in views, then you know that fewer people are seeing your posts. Views show how many exclusive accounts have seen your business post.

The watch-through rate is a specific term used in Instagram promotions. This rate shows how many people and watching your videos from beginning to end. This metric can be calculated by the formula: Watch through rate = Final story number of views / First story number of views x 100

  1. Engagement

A metric to analyze how often users remain in touch with your content is engagement. If you see a decline in engagement, then you know that fewer people are interacting with your posts. The most important part is Instagram reels which have a crucial role to increase brand awareness.

  1. Hashtags

A great way to enhance your reach and to make more audience engaged is the usage of hashtags. If you notice a rise in hashtags, then you know that more people are using them to search for your content.


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