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Do Pet Birds Need to be Misted


I’ve observed that bird owners spray their pets using a spray bottle every day. Do I have to do this with my bird? And should I do it? If yes what are the benefits?


A misting of your pet bird’s water with clean and fresh water each day can bring a host of benefits for your pet bird.Wild birds get a shower every day each when it rains. birds facts This is the way Nature has to provide the natural showers that birds require to ensure their feathers are in good condition.

There are also instances of birds

taking baths in puddles or on the banks of lakes and streams. Bathing is an instinctual activity and an essential aspect of grooming. Flight is an essential aspect of the survival of birds, and bathing is a way to maintain their feathers in good condition to fly.

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In addition to it being true that many bird species appreciate the refreshing spray, misting can also encourage healthy feather preening and reduce the risk of plucking and feathers being picked and also helping to energize the bird’s skin.

Misting is particularly important for birds that are in molting because it helps in releasing the sheath of keratin that protects the new pin feathers. This will make it easier for your bird to take off the sheath in normal preening behavior.

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Although there are a variety

of products for bathing and misting in the marketplace, pure water is best if your bird is under supervision by an expert avian vet, and there is a medical need for a prescription-only mist.In the event that you’ve not missed your pet before, they might be anxious about the process. Start slowly to incorporate it into your routine, and see the reaction of your pet.

If your pet seems scared with the spray bottle first then try putting it away in the cage for a couple of days to help him adapt to the new item. Spray you with the bottle and then show your pet how lovely and soothing it feels. It is also possible to give your pet something special after you have misted him in order to make him look forward to the regular “shower”.

Although misting can

be an enjoyable and refreshing experience however, it’s not a substitute for bathing or shower. BIRDS IN TENNESSEE  Instructing your bird to soak in a bowl of water either in the sink or at the bottom of the tub with the soothing sound of a shower falling down on it is a healthy method to ensure that your bird is fresh and clean. Smaller birds may like being soaked in the leaves of greens with a leaf-like swiss chard and Kale. Simply spray the leaves with water then put in a dish, and let your birds play through the leaves or move around in the leaves.

The majority of birds will appreciate being misted after only an insignificant amount of period of time. If your bird needs some extra assistance in getting used to the misting, stay with it and never quit. It’s amazing how a spray can do to birds’ looks, well-being and overall happiness!



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