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Why Do Cats Lick Their Paws After Eating


Cats can eat litter — and other harmful materials for various reasons. This type of behavior is known by the term pica which is the consumption of food items that are not nutritious.

Pica is a result of a variety of causes. It could result from a mother who has abandoned her kittens. It may manifest through nursing behavior. Cats with pica may attack all kinds of materials such as plastic, fabric paper, string dirt, and even litter.

Certain forms of pica can be harmless or unpleasant, such as licking plastic bags. However, eating non-food ingredients can cause obstructions in the intestines. Additionally, it could be an indication of disease.

Why Do Cats Eat Litter

When your kitten or cat is eating litter It could be an issue with your health or behavior.  Birds Of Washington State If you suspect an issue with your health and you suspect that it’s a health issue, take your cat to the vet immediately, especially in the event that the behavior changes suddenly.

Certain kittens might consume litter solely to satisfy their curiosity. They may change their habit with strict supervision.


The consumption of litter is an indication the cat may be suffering from illness, and particularly anemia is one of the conditions that a cat might be showing symptoms. Anemia is a sign of the absence in red blood cells as well as hemoglobin. Cat owners must look for gums that appear pale blue, white, or pale. Anemia may indicate a deficit in trace minerals, iron vitamins, and essential fat acids.

If your cat is anemic the anemia may be an indication of underlying feline leukemia virus (FeLV) bone marrow diseases, or parasites.

The veterinarian will perform an examination that is standard and is likely to suggest blood tests, which could include the total blood count (CBC) and Urinalysis. These tests will help determine that the cat is not anemic , and will help determine if there are other underlying illnesses. 

Nutritional Deficiencies

The cat might be feeding on litter if it’s not receiving enough nutrition in its meals. It could be because your cat’s eating an adequate and balanced diet, however, it could also happen in the event that your cat’s digestive tract isn’t effectively absorption of nutrients. A veterinarian or nutritionist will be able to guide you through the proper steps to follow if a you suspect that your cat is deficient in nutrition.

Curious Kittens

Kittens can consume litter for fun Therefore, it is advised not to use litter clumps until they’re older. Consuming clumping litter could cause intestinal blockage. Make sure you use the litter that is not toxic and to be vigilant about its the use. Take your kitten out of the litter box when you notice it eating the litter. Make certain that your kitten has completed its work first.

Adult cats also may eat on litter, especially if the kind of litter modified recently, say changing to a wheat or corn-based one.

How to Stop Your Cat From Eating Litter

If your cat is given a health check then you can work on restraining his behavior to avoid . can cats eat celery Naturally, there’s a variety of kinds of litter available that include clumping, clay (scented and non-scented), and corn- wheat- or paper-based. If you notice your pet is eating one type then try a different one.

Cats can be bored. If you observe the cat eating litter, you can change your cat’s behavior by playing. Throw a crinkle ball, or toy mouse or hang an affixed fishing pole and lure it away from the container.Reevaluate your cat’s diet. Change the food you feed your cat particularly if it’s high-quality dry food that is sold in supermarkets. A lot of high-end food choices have more nutrients.

Increase your cat’s natural prey-prey instinct

Alongside increasing the amount of playtime, consider food-related puzzle toys, which stimulate natural foraging. There are many methods to create your own with everyday household items in addition to a variety of different designs that are available at pet shops. Puzzle toys can be a great way for your cat to get food while also distracting the cat from undesirable behaviour.

Offer a bowl with cat grass. It’s an opportunity to distract your cat from litter, and also gives your cat something else to chew. Also, don’t forget to include that beloved cat toy that makes your cat happy: catnip. You can plant your own, and then offer fresh catnip, add it to scratchers or purchase catnip-filled toys.

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