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What Really Happens When You Buy Instagram Followers


Many Instagram users want a profile with a large number of followers – understandable, because which company does not want to be represented on social media with a large fan base. To get this achievement quickly, today it is possible to buy followers. This even works easily and inexpensively – but it’s still not a good idea!

In this article, you’ll learn why you shouldn’t buy happiness and how you can build a real community on Instagram instead.

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Why you shouldn’t buy Instagram followers

There are already a number of websites on the Internet that offer the purchase of followers. In addition, likes and comments can also be purchased. Other tools offer the service of using a bot to follow other Instagram profiles on your behalf in order for them to return the favor and “follow” you back.

Buyers of such services usually want more attention for their posts and, as a result, greater trust from potential customers in their seemingly successful social media profile.

In 2015, the district court of Stuttgart ruled that buying followers and likes in social networks is anti- competitive and therefore not legal.

Fake accounts and generic comments spoil the online presence

Most bought followers are fake profiles. On Instagram, every tenth account is now a fake . Likewise, the purchased comments are usually very generic and simple (such as “great photo”) and make no further reference to the content of the post.

A dialogue with real subscribers, on the other hand, seems much more authentic, since precise reference can be made in the comments. In contrast to the bot platitudes, this pays more attention to the bond between you and your community and promotes a fruitful and varied exchange.

Buying followers as a self-experiment: Hootsuite and Co. show how it’s done

Hootsuite dared to try it out and tested what exactly happens when you buy Instagram followers GreeceFor this experiment, the company created a dummy account and bought 1,000 followers for it. The first followers were recorded shortly after the purchase was completed – and the next day their number had grown from 0 to 1,000.

However, Hootsuite waited in vain for interactions such as new comments and likes. The analysis of the new users also showed something questionable: empty profiles without posts and spam bots were mainly to be found here.

YouTuber Kathinkska , who is testing various internet services on her channel, conducted a similar test with purchased followers. She also advises against buying followers, because that way you can’t build a real community with real subscribers.

Even if you can easily buy followers: These followers are just a number and not real fans or interested parties who delve deeper into a company’s brand. In addition, the Instagram algorithm recognizes when an account has a large number of followers, but they do not show any real commitment in the form of likes and relevant comments.

The result is that the reach of such posts is limited because they are classified as irrelevant. If, on the other hand, the activities of an account appear suspicious to Instagram, the account may be deactivated as part of the ” New Measures for Authenticity on Instagram “.

Is it possible to buy active Instagram followers?

Since many of the purchased followers are bots or inactive profiles without photos, they are easily recognizable as fake. Therefore, some providers give you the option of buying active followers.

However, it is not precisely defined what actions will be taken by these “active” subscribers. In addition, this is also a purchased community – and this scam can also be noticed by your real fans, which could then lose trust in your profile.




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