How To Elevate Your Food Brand With Custom Burger Boxes?


The joy of eating a hot and delicious burger is unmatched. They are not only a treat for the taste buds, but the delectable looks of a burger are also a sight for sore eyes. The excitement that fills a person when they receive their burger has a lot to do with the packaging too. When you receive your burger, the first thing that you see isn’t the burger itself. The immediate attention-catching items are the custom burger boxes that are carrying the delicious meal. There are a couple of ways that can help you elevate your food brand with such packaging.

  • Custom Burger Boxes with Window Cuts

The first best technique that works every time is incorporating window cuts in the packaging. When the customer sees the burger packaging box, they can not see the product within till they have opened the package. However, when you design custom burger boxes with window cuts, it changes the game entirely. They allow the customers to take a peek inside the package and see their food. Moreover, the best part is that with an opening at the top, you will not be compromising the integrity of the food. You can add high-quality PVC sheets to the window.

Therefore, the window will do its intended task of letting the buyers see their food, without ruining the burger itself. Furthermore, create and design windows of unique shapes. Instead of using the plain old squared window cuts, you can elevate your brand by adding unique cuts. Create shapes that make their place and hold it in the minds of the buyers. You can also design window cuts according to different occasions, such as Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, etc.

  • Add Graphic Prints 

Another means that you can utilize to boost your food brand is by adding graphic prints to the box. The beauty of custom burger containers is that you create them according to the demands of your product. So, you can add some bold prints to the box to enhance the beauty of the edible within. Adding graphic prints, and vivid designs is a great way to attract more customers. When you utilize images that are catchy and demand attention, they will hold the eye of every onlooker. This will not only get you more customers but will also add more lucrativeness to the brand. Therefore, more customers mean a better and enhanced brand image.

  • Use High-Quality Materials 

Most burger lovers’ complaint is that their food goes cold. You can take this complaint, and create a turning point for your brand with it. Manufacture custom burger packaging boxes with high-quality materials. When you place burgers in containers that are better insulators of heat, the food will not go cold as quickly. The avid consumers of burgers will not overlook this small detail. They will notice that their food is always warm in your burger containers. Therefore, it will automatically earn a soft corner in their hearts for your brand. This small detail can help you take your food brand to the next level.

Moreover, durable containers will also keep the food safely tucked inside. So, when it is being delivered, the burger will not have fallen apart. Even if you place multiple boxes of burgers on top of each other, they will remain safe. Every piece of your food will remain in its place. The airtight design of the package will also make sure that no containments get inside the box. So, elevate your business by utilizing the best materials in the making of the box.

  • Design Custom Burger Boxes with Catchy Slogan in Bold Style

Most of us still remember many food brands from our childhood. A major reason behind it is the catchy slogans and jingles the businesses used. When you use a slogan that is fun to say, it will stay in the memory of the consumers. They will not help but sing the jingle whenever they see it or read it anywhere. This technique is a great way to pave the way for your food brand and elevate it above others. Use catchy slogans on the package and write them in bold writing, so they can be seen and read even from a distance. You can add half a slogan outside the container, and then the rest of it inside too. So that the customers are compelled to take a closer look at your burger boxes.

  • Introduce Additional Slots

The last method that will help you elevate your food brand with a customized container is by adding additional slots in the boxes of burgers. This seems like a useless detail, but works very well. When you receive a burger, how often has it happened that the sauce containers fall out and create a mess all over the burger? Every burger lover will agree that they have faced this dilemma. By adding smaller slots in the custom burger box, you will allow the consumer to keep their sauces away from the rest of their food.

This way does not only keep the sauce safe, but the delicious burger will also stay secure from a sloppy mess. Moreover, a small compartment can also be added for fries. This way, the fries, and the sauces will be inside their places. The ideas are limitless; you just need to be as creative as possible.


There is a burger joint on almost every street corner, which makes it impossible for newer brands to stand out. However, the rookie mistake that new brands often make is focusing entirely on the burgers and neglecting the packaging. When you pack your food in custom burger boxes, they will stand out and grab attention. Moreover, these boxes also serve other purposes apart from getting more audience for your brand. All the ways that can help you boost your brand have been shared. So, utilize them and make your food brand stand out.

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