How To Have Fun While Gambling Responsibly

What Is Responsible Gambling? An Interview with Jennifer Shatley | University of Nevada, Las VegasIt is not uncommon for people to enjoy gambling at casinos or via the internet in
today’s world. One of the most important things about having fun while gambling
responsibly is knowing when to stop. It can be easy to get lost in the game and
lose track of time, so setting limits before you start playing will help keep you on

Another important thing is pacing yourself – don’t go all out at once because this
will increase your chances of giving up early or losing too much money quickly.
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Tips for Fun & Responsible Gambling

1. Have a Spin, Make a Friend

Casinos are packed with lonely customers who gravitate to gambling since
they don’t have any other hobbies or methods to pass the time. Older
gamers may have outlived many of their friends or loved ones, so they sit in
front of a gambling machine for hours on end, their sole companion being a

2. Turn Your Session into a Game

Turning your gambling session into a game is the best way to make sure
you stay in control. Instead of thinking about how much money you’re
losing, start by deciding on a certain amount you want to win and track
every time it happens during your play. This will help motivate yourself
when things get tough because even if you don’t make your goal, you at
least know when it does happen.

3. Comp Hunting

Having fun while gambling responsibly can be problematic, but it is
possible. One way to have more fun and not lose your mind over the
money you put into play is by participating in comp hunting (also known as
“comping”). Many casino players call this activity competing for freebies or
playing comps.

4. Mixology

This option may be used at home or a casino, with the latter providing the
best overall experience. I take a 30-minute break after each hour of gaming
to consume any alcoholic beverage I’ve never had before. It’s best to limit
yourself to a couple of mixed cocktails every night, which is ideal if you’re
going to be out for a few hours.

5. Broaden Your Gaming Horizons

Because most individuals want a certain amount of familiarity, they
gravitate toward the same things again and over again. Casino gambling is
no different, which means that a person might spend all of their time
playing slots or roulette and never explore all of the other exciting
alternatives available.
If you want to keep things interesting, make it a point to try a different
game every time you visit the casino, but always play at the lowest stakes

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6. Reward Yourself

I always set a time restriction for myself before starting a gaming session. I
also figure out how much money I’m willing to lose and never go over that

limit. If my session concludes with a surplus of cash in my pocket, I like to
reward myself by spending a portion of it on something I’ve been eyeing.

7. Take Advantage of the Free Option

Some casinos will allow you to play for free. If they do, take advantage of it.
This will enable you to try out different games without spending any money
on them. It is also an excellent way to determine which games you like and
how much they cost before actually playing with real money.
Please remember that reckless gambling may have adverse effects that are

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